5 Compact Tips for Traveling Light


Think ahead, plan your stay and pack smart – sounds easy, right? Let us share some secrets about making your life easier whether you are going for an adventure-packed hike or wish to stroll around in elegant restaurants in a foreign city.

1. Instead of Alaska, opt for Andalusia!
Once you can leave the insulated jackets and giant boots behind, your bag will be freed up to host only swimsuits and sunscreen.

2. It’s a suitcase, not your home
Are you absolutely sure you need one more book or a pair of underwear to make you feel comfy? Leave items behind that you could easily buy during traveling.

3. Ziploc Space Bags
When a limited wardrobe is out of question because you cannot let go of your favorite suit, shirt, two-piece, or whichever, grab a Ziploc Space Bag and the vacuum seal will compress your storage space to the minimum.

4. Samples and mini container bottles
Take the free samples you got last time you visited your cosmetic store; plus use mini containers and share your shower gel and shampoo with your partner.

5. A carry-on bag will do, believe it or not
First of all, it creates a very efficient barrier from you hogging and packing all your belongings due to its size. Furthermore, the risk of lost baggage is reduced to the absolute minimum. Win-win, right?

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