5 Solid Ways To Pay For Travel (While You’re Traveling)

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Let’s talk about priorities. We all have dreams and things that need to be done, and if your ultimate goal is to see the world, you may be asking these questions: “How do I get paid to travel?” or “How do I make money while traveling?” Here are 5 creative ways to make your travel dreams come true AND make money while on the road!

Teach English as Second Language

Teaching English as a second language, also commonly known as ESL or TEFL, is a tried and true way to travel the world and get paid for it. Teaching English abroad is also a great way to integrate into another culture, plus help people at the same time! Jobs are generally available all over the world, and teachers can live in countries like Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, China, France or Italy for 6 months, a year, or even longer. Living in a new area also allows you to travel to other parts of the country (or continent for that matter) with relative ease.  It pays to teach English as a second language!

Work Remotely

Are you social media savvy? Can you write a great blog post? A lot of work in today’s world can be done online, which means there’s no need to physically be in an office, so you can work from anywhere!  Working remotely has become a trend, especially among millennials. Remote communities and co-working spaces have been popping up in countries like Bali, Thailand, Croatia and more. Our friends at The Remote Experience host workers in many countries including Spain, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Working part time or freelance as a consultant, copywriter, web or graphic designer is a way to use your  generate more income without having to head to the office every day.

Get Your Current Job to Transfer You or Get a New Job in Another Country

This might be one of easiest ways to pay for travel, and not to mention a very secure one!  Are you working for a multinational organization? Asking your company to transfer you might be an option to explore more of the world! Getting a visa in a new country can prove to be a trying task. If you work with an international company which has the capacity to sponsor your visa, and potentially help you with your move, be sure to take advantage of it! There are many international positions online, just make sure to have your resume and credentials in order, and  you never know where your skills might take you.

Take Odd Jobs

Taking on an odd job (or five!) while you’re traveling is a great way to learn new skills as well as meet new people. Working in a new industry or learning a new trade is also a great way to discover things about yourself that you perhaps didn’t know before. It can be a very humbling experience. Whether you work on a farm, sell handmade wares at a local market or even swap some work for a free night and breakfast at a hostel, there are lots of creative ways to earn money while traveling. You could even try driving for Uber!

Use Your Creativity

Whether you’re an artist, a musician, a film producer or a great salesman, there’s almost always a way to use everything you already have in order to keep moving! You could play music at a train station or draw portraits of passersby in a courtyard or park; you never know where one simple conversation might lead!

Are you excited about hitting the road? As you can see, there are lots of fool proof ways to fund your adventures. Remember, no matter where in the world you are, if you need a room, your hotel is on Elvoline!

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