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Are you a cat person? Cat people are generally known for being more distinctive than dog people, and are also pretty much the coolest people, ever.

Cats have also been the dominant species to be found on the internet for some time now. The occasional panda or turtle photos are cute, but nothing comes close to the feline. Cats are fluffy, independent and 100% viral, which leads us to the million dollar question: When it comes to hotel rooms, why are dogs having all the fun?

We know that your cat is important to you, and while it may be a dog eat dog world out there, cat lovers will now and always have a place to stay with

We’re proud to announce that we will exclusively be offering Cat Friendly Hotels starting today, April 1, 2016.

Every hotel on our website will not only be feline friendly, but will offer extra benefits like unlimited Milk Mini Bar and Fancy Feast delivered via room service.

Guests who really love cats will even have the option of ordering a giant snuggle buddy via our luxury, cat-friendly room service.

We’re excited to announce some ferocious, feline-friendly red carpet events in the near future, so be sure to follow us on instagram and like us on Facebook to stay updated!

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