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Our Favorite Travel Brands

Our Favorite Travel Apps: Tourlina


Wether it’s an unknown recipe, travel inspiration or an innovative product, one of our favorite ways to discover new things is through Instagram! Scrolling through colorful photos of gorgeous destinations and jovial travelers was what lead us to the discovery of Tourlina, the travel app built to connect solo female travelers all over the world. We had a chance to chat with CoFounder, Michael, and find out more about this awesome app!

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WIN the Perfect Travel Bag from Elvoline & Baggallini!


“Welcome aboard! Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.”

Flight attendants are synonymous with safety, organization and a dash of sexy. These “stewards of the skies” not only make us comfortable during our travels, they’re often the faces of their airline employers, infusing the brands with personality. Flight attendants make a living traveling for months and years on end, visiting state after state and country after country; and any flight attendant could surely tell you that packing accordingly, and not to mention lightly, is an art.


When two flight attendants met and discussed their “perfect travel bag,” Baggallini was born. Founded by Dixie Powers and a fellow stewardess during their time working at Delta, the two wanted something stylish that also met their organizational standards. Each bag is full of polished personality and also perfectly organized for packing your snacks, headphones and other important carry-on items with ease.

We had a chance to interview the publicist for Baggallini and get the inside scoop on the lifestyle of a flight attendant and what it was like to design the perfect travel bag.


What’s the best part about being a flight attendant?

Dixie Powers always said that the best part of being a flight attendant was traveling the world and meeting people from all walks of life.

How many different countries/cities have you been able to travel to because of your job? And which was your favorite and why? 

Dixie traveled all over the United States but it was through her travels to Asia that led her to become an entrepreneur and found Baggallini.

In your opinion, which is the best airline in the world and why? 

Dixie worked for Delta for 30 years.

At some point in your careers as flight attendants, you realized that your current gear wasn’t cutting it and invented Baggallini, what was the pinnacle event that inspired the creation of your first bag?

It was a coin purse that she found when traveling in Asia that she realized would be perfect for flight attendants who needed to keep different currencies separated. From there she expanded into tote bags, rolling bags and hand bags.

How often do you come out with new styles?

Baggallini launches two new collections a year.

What are some travel accessories that help you make the most of a long flight?

Great earphones,  a soft blanket or wrap and a travel pillow.

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Now’s your chance to travel like a flight attendant and WIN one of the best selling bags from Baggallini, the Tulum Tote. This tote is equally suited to the daily commute or a weekend getaway. The handy exterior pockets keep small items within reach, while zippers and clasps ensure that nothing is on view and everything is secure. Sturdy webbed straps have a smooth sheen, and gold-tone hardware adds extra refinement.

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