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If Murad Osmann’s travel photos featuring his gorgeous girlfriend pulling him into a world of wonderful destinations don’t inspire you to travel, we don’t know what does.

From the streets of India through the fields of Asia and the brownstones of The Big Apple, the couple has left no corner of the world unturned nor undepicted in an incredibly colorful and stylish photograph.

Osmann started the #FollowMeTo series back in 2011 while he and his girlfriend were on vacation in Barcelona, and, as most of us know, the series went viral. He and Nataly are now married, and continue to travel the world, work with big brands, and produce beautiful works. Here are some of our favorites!

#followmeto the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa, with @natalyosmann. #MyDubai

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#followmeto new heights in Manhattan with @NatalyOsmann and @beringervyds. #BetterBeckons

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#followmeto the East River with @NatalyOsmann for a beautiful afternoon sailing with @beringervyds #BetterBeckons

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us. Thanks to @glamour_russia for the photo :)! Photo by @antonjanchik

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You never know where life’s journey may lead you, and that’s the best part. No matter where you end up in this crazy world, if you need a place to crash, your room is on Elvoline 🙂

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