Gisele Coaches Olympians on How To Walk Like a Supermodel

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Can you believe the 2016 Summer Olympics are less than a week away? This Friday night is the opening ceremony of the first Olympic Games to ever be hosted in South America, and rumor has it that supermodel Gisele Bündchen will play an important role in the festivities.

Gisele may have retired from the runway, but pre-Games, she’ll be strutting her stuff down the stage to the famous Brazilian song, The Girl From Ipanema, and in an unexpected twist, the supermodel is robbed.

The three-hour presentation will be watched by over 900 million viewers, as reported by The Daily Mail, and while opening ceremony director Fernando Meirelles “Shines a spotlight on the best of Brazil during the three-hour presentation, he also doesn’t shy away from describing the country’s social problems either.”

After the world’s highest paid supermodel is mugged, nearby police officers race to catch the thief. It is reported that in the end, good prevails over evil, and it’s a happy ending for not only Rio, but for the world.


Gisele enjoys a refreshing snack on her hotel balcony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Monday after rehearsing for her performance in the opening ceremony the night before.


300 professional dancers and 5,000 volunteers will perform along with Gisele in front of a 78,000-seater stadium amidst projections, music and dance. Over 500,000 people will be visiting Rio for the Olympics this year, will you be one of them?

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Written by Jacqueline Chambers 

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