How Patience Can Help You Achieve Your Travel Goals

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When there is something in the heart, mind  or soul worth pursuing, the good majority of people want it immediately. It’s human nature. Most of us are not into delayed gratification (I know I’m not) but, there is something to be said about waiting.

When I first resigned from my teaching job in 2010 because I wanted to teach abroad, some people questioned why I wasn’t just going back to Australia, after all, I loved it. I thought about going back to oz, but it came down to wanting a different travel experience In Europe. I had the idea to teach abroad for a good year and then it took about four more months to make it happen.

When my year in Prague was up, I felt ready to move on. I wanted to move on to work in Australia and check out Southeast Asia. However, just because I was ready and had the dream didn’t mean the logistics were also aligning. Things came up and it took a lot to prep…paperwork, passports, a master’s degree, a work visa, saving money, spending money, questioning my idea to go, wondering if I should settle into a more accepted lifestyle, etc. Finally, it all came together!

Is there something you want to do or have? Something you’ve thought about, dreamt about, or are waiting for? Take actions toward making it happen, but don’t force anything. Let it unfold organically. It may take a day, two weeks, three months, or in my case, years. Keep working for it and don’t let it pass you by. It will happen and it will be worth it!

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