How To Survive Traveling on Friday The 13th

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We like to think we’re not superstitious, but there’s something in the air on Friday the 13th that gives the majority of folks the heebie-jeebies. From throwing salt over your left shoulder to avoiding the 13th floor and even skipping work or travel all together; there are plenty of plain old duties that make people extra apprehensive on this day, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid doing what you need to do.

Because many people avoid traveling on Friday the 13th, it’s also one of the cheapest days to take a trip, with prices dropping as much as thirty or forty percent in some cases. If you’re one who is brave enough to risk any mishaps that may happen in order to get a good deal on Friday the 13th, here are some tips to help you avoid any catastrophes! As a matter of fact, these tips work for every day travel too, whether you’re superstitions or not.  So you might want to take some notes 😉

Be on time.

Whether this means waking up an extra half hour early or taking an uber to avoid having to spend time on parking; being on time will relieve a big part of your travel mishaps.

Pack your bag in advance.

The best way to avoid forgetting an important item in your luggage is to pack your bags in advance. An awesome packing tip is to open up your suitcase on the floor of your room 3 or 4 days before you’re supposed to travel, and add in items as you think of them. Once you have everything packed, the night before your trip you can go through and pack your ‘Editor’s Edition.’ That way you’re not only prepared, but you’ve edited your items so that you’re only taking what you need. This will also help you avoid any overweight luggage fees during check in!

If you’re going on a last minute trip, don’t be like Mickey. Calmly walk yourself through your travel agenda, and pack each item as you’re mentally going through your day. The key word is calmly.

Pack essentials in your carry on. 

There’s nothing like getting on the plane to realize your reading glasses and all of your snacks are stashed in your checked luggage. Remember to pack what you think you’ll need in your carry on, especially for longer flights.

Mark your bags with an easily recognizable item.

A mishap that could occur on Friday the 13th or any day for that matter is that you could end up with someone else’s luggage. A great way to spot your bag quickly is by tying a brightly colored ribbon on the handle or applying another noticeable item like a sticker or patch. This way, your bag will stand out in the crowd and you won’t be stuck wearing someone else’s gear.

Remember your flight number.

In case all technology fails, you’ll want to have your flight info handy.  Write down all of your important travel information on a piece of paper and stick it in your wallet. That way, you’ll have everything you need and won’t be the last one on the plane like…

Have a happy and safe Friday the 13th!

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