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We are pleased to have met and do a short interview with Justine Mfulama, who is one the founders of TravelbffTravelbff is a community of female travelers from all over the world encouraging women to share travel tips, safety advice and connect with each other.

How did you come across the Elvoline blog?

I found out about Elvoline on Instagram and loved the pictures. When I then followed the link to the Elvoline blog I was super excited to read through all the amazing articles from other passionate travelers.

What was the most appealing about the Elvoline site and the blog for you that made you jump at the opportunity to write for us?

I’m a huge fan of travel stories and love finding out about new destinations and attractions all over the world. The blog offers really practical advice and insights that I’m sure will come in handy next time I travel. The reason I contacted Elvoline was that I thought that the girls in the #travelbff community should know about the information that is published on Elvoline too!

What was the nicest hotel by far that you stayed at? Can you tell us why?

The nicest hotel I stayed at so far was the St. Regis Saadiyat Island. This hotel is like an Oasis in the desert, with the most beautiful beach, building and restaurants. The whole atmosphere of the hotel makes you feel like in a dream. The staff is super nice and takes care of all your needs and you feel like you can switch off your brain. It is quiet pricey, so I suggest you consider this lovely hotel when you are celebrating something.

What makes your community special? How many of you actually know or plan to meet each other?

Travelbff is a community of women that love to travel and it was born out of my frustration to get my family and friends to travel with me. One day I realized that there must be more girls out there, who love to travel and are fun. In our Facebook group we love to connect, share travel tips and advice on upcoming trips. It is so special, because we openly share our travel dreams, but can also open up about vulnerable issues such as what we cannot do or are afraid of during traveling. We are planning our first official #travelbff meet-up in London next spring and are super excited about it. So far we have had a number of smaller meet-ups with members from all around the world.

Where do you plan to travel next? 

My next trip is in January and I’m finally going to visit Thailand. I have never been to Asia, so it’s like a dream come true for me.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt from traveling?

The most important lesson I’ve learnt from traveling is that we are all much more alike than we think and that it doesn’t matter our looks or where we come from to connect.

What is your dream destination?

Ohh there are so many, but if I had to choose I would say Maldives because of its beautiful white beaches!

What message do you have for the Elvoline blog readers? Maybe someday men can join too?

We are really excited to welcome girls with a passion for traveling to #Travelbff and want you to be inspired and motivated to explore the world for yourselves. No matter if you just want to get some insights for your next destination or connect with a new travel buddy, this community can help you with that J . And yes, we do hope that at one point guys will be able to join a community like this too.
Instagram: travel_bff
Facebook. Travelbff: Women Travel Together

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