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Wether it’s an unknown recipe, travel inspiration or an innovative product, one of our favorite ways to discover new things is through Instagram! Scrolling through colorful photos of gorgeous destinations and jovial travelers was what lead us to the discovery of Tourlina, the travel app built to connect solo female travelers all over the world. We had a chance to chat with CoFounder, Michael, and find out more about this awesome app!

What inspired you to create an app for females only?

Since 1998, we have operated travel related web sites. Often we got the question from women, “How can I  find a female travel companion?” Therefore, last year, we decided to enter the mobile app space with a women-only travel app: Tourlina. At the beginning, Tourlina has a Tinder like matching system based on criteria including: same country, minimum of three days overlaping of travel date, similar likes; and we will be adding some new, more specialized features soon!

What are some key factors that make Tourlina safe?

Every new user is checked and verified by our team. We have a look at the Facebook account of new users to verify this. If we are not sure, we ask for additional information (photos, other social media accounts). In addition, we monitor what’s going on in the app. If a user gets blocked by other users, we will immediately unverify this user and get in contact with this user. So far, we haven’t had any issues with fake accounts, and we have thousends of users.

Who is behind Tourlina?

We are Sandra and Michael. We have worked in the travel as well as in the corporate finance business for many years, are based in Frankfurt and self-financed.

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Are there certain destinations that are more popular when it comes to solo female travelers wanting to find company and not go it alone?

Currently, the most famous destinations are Thailand, Australia and the US. At the moment, we have some 100 countries within the app and almost every country has been selected to create a trip.  


What’s next for the Tourlina team?

We will be releasing new features, which our users have asked us for, within the coming weeks. We will also be starting the development of the Android version, which we plan to release in November 2016.

Want to find out more about Tourlina? Click here to download the app!

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