Philadelphia, the home of haunted Halloween


Halloween is nigh! Some of us go to parties where we dress up as scary monsters in full makeup, while other people take a more daunting approach to the thrilling sensations. Haunted attractions are very popular and include commercial haunted houses, farms, and asylums, prisons, abandoned factories and many more. Philadelphia, in particular, offers the most frights and sights for Halloween – visit these haunted venues if you dare!

Sleep with the Ghosts at Fort Mifflin
If Candlelight Ghost Tours leave you practically unfazed, why not sleep with actual ghosts at the national historic landmark, Fort Mifflin? Take a guided tour, hunt for lost souls in one of the most haunted venues in the States!

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The Bates Motel
Remember the movie Psycho? Alfred Hitchcock’s chilling classic gets completely re-enacted in the Bates Motel, the Haunted Hayride Attractions and the Haunted Corn Maze and they have been luring unsuspecting visitors for 25 years now – much like the actual Bates Motel in the movie. Prepare for the revenge of the scarecrow, levitating spirits and the return of the Headless Horseman!

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The Valley of Fear
When the name speaks for itself, you have only one thing to do: run for your life! In this case it’s true though: paintball can get your adrenaline pumping any given day but what if you happen to play with zombies? You might take a stroll through the Underworld as well, a haunted forest walk backed up by the story of King Yantis, searching revenge for the loss of his love and an evil forest that transform all living into creatures of anger and evil. Don’t let this experience spoil your love of nature – this is just fun for natural born thrill seekers.

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Should you choose to be spooked this year or rather go for a laid back trick-or-treating instead, it is up to you! Don’t forget: if you need a room booked for this Halloween, you can always find it on Elvoline, and we guarantee that those venues are certainly not haunted.

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