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Love & Light at the Taiwan Lantern Festival

Posted in History & Holidays

The first full-moon night of the lunar year and the final day of Chinese New Year has arrived! The taboos of Chinese New Year are coming to an end and the celebration of a new season is upon us.

The Taiwan Lantern Festival is regarded as one of the most romantic and important festivals in China; almost the equivalent of Valentine’s Day. The festival dates back 2,000 years (since the Han Dynasty) and also symbolizes the coming of Spring.

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8 Chinese Dishes You Must Try During The Year of the Monkey

Posted in Food & Drink

If there’s one thing that brings the world together, it’s food. While Chinese New Year celebrations are commencing all over the world, we wanted to bring in the Year of the Monkey with a blog inspired by must-try Chinese dishes! We also chose to pick our top 8, because in China, 8 is a lucky number! With that, cheers to good luck and good food, keep scrolling to discover some delicious, not-to-be-missed meals! Oh, and Happy New Year 🙂
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