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Summer is officially here and in our minds the word vacations starts ringing every second louder. Beach, mountains, culture, sports, food and drinks, music, family, low cost, luxury, no matter what you are thinking about, you are certainly thinking about getting away from your everyday life.

Have you thought about the destination already? If not keep on reading to find out why Croatia should be your next destination no matter what you are looking for. There are a couple of routes I am exploring myself starting in Split, one going north another going south. I decided to go north and here is why.

This route along Croatia encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean while offering much more than sun and sea. If offers an exciting array of culture, history and nature. A truly unforgettable experience which will leave you speechless. It offers an amazing range of experiences, the perfect balance between endless beaches and natural wonders with breath-taking views and a glimpse into the glorious yet turbulent past of every single place you put your feet on. Its rich offer requires that you move around in the country and savour the culture, experience the history and its natural delights.

Start on in the historical city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia and walk around its streets full of history and sense its beginnings as a Roman Emperor’s palace with the Diocletian’s Palace complex taking the centre stage. Allow yourself to get lost along its streets and admire every corner’s beauty.

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Split waterfront evening view

Split has great transportation connections, so plan your next stop to be Markezina Greda and get away in the nature and experience a full range of delights of the natural world. If you are a rock climber this offers you the perfect paradise climbing routes. But if you are not into climbing, no worries, there is a more quite area for you to enjoy natural paradise at the Krka National Park and take a route along the Krka river to admire it’s natural cascades. Don’t miss out on its more stunning of them all, the Ska Dinski Buk cascade.


Krka National Park

Continuing your trip, if you are going with your partner, Galešnjak is the place to go. Beyond its tranquillity, beauty and yet to be discovered corners, the island is heart shaped and full of love.  If your plan is with friends or family you might out to skip it as activities are oriented to couples.


Galešnjak island

But the alternative, equally stunning beauty, you will encounter it at Zadar. Here you need to arrange your arrival and spend at least one afternoon and ensure you will not miss out the most amazing sunset of your life.

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Aerial view of the city of Zadar.

After enjoying any (or both) of the two wonders of nature in Galešnjak and/or Zadar, move towards Nin and allow yourself some time at the Queen’s Beach. Nothing as relaxing in a precious yet not massively populated Mediterranean beach. A more daring alternative is a boat to the Kornati National Park and navigate through it’s more than 100 islands.


Kornati National Park

And runners (like me ;)), take the opportunity and run the most spectacular and unforgettable race of your life (hiking is an alternative) in the Plitvice National Park. This natural environment hosts one of the most memorable Marathons in the nature (alternatives are 5K, 16K) which will be held this year on the 4th of June.


Plitvice National Park

While in Croatia you cannot miss on visiting Savudrija an old and charming fishing village. It will offer you the perfect opportunity to spend a night of one of the countries popular light houses. It should be a must during your trip to Croatia anywhere along the way.

Finish off the route in the country’s capital Zagreb. Allow yourself a day (at least) to visit the most important places. A touristic bus or a guided tour through the city is highly recommended in order to capture the city’s essence, past and present. You are now ready to take a route back home after one the most unforgettable trip of your life.

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